Not quite a 'Stinker'!

25 December 2012

Merry Christmas to you all and well done to those who braved today’s skiing. It wasn’t a ‘stinker’ but it wasn’t easy either. The Foehn wind was blowing and with it we endured grey skies and flat-light, which made the skiing difficult. ‘Educational’ snow in bright sunshine is one thing but in flat-light it just isn’t worth the risk of someone hurting a knee so Chris and I skied piste and mixed in some off-piste shots. The best skiing was the meadows under the Balme and the Familial, where the snow is still very good. We finished up just after noon and met Tansy who is being assisted by Ness.

We spoke to a French couple at the Gourmandine who I’ve known by sight for 30-years or more. They’ve been reading my blog and are going to ski with us in the New Year, and Patrick and Catherine are both excellent skiers and it will be nice to have them along. Bienvenue!

I’m picking up my family tomorrow after skiing and I’m really looking forward to seeing them and to have their season get under way. Skiing, skating, tobogganing, swimming, burger bar, Perdrix, Chevallot, drinks parties, learning French and so much more!

I’m looking forward to my annual Christmas dinner at John and Margaret’s tonight. Margaret, Penny and Chrissy put in an amazing effort and produce some absolutely stunning food, and it’s very much appreciated. Thank you ladies!

We should get a little snow tonight so hopefully things should be a little easier in the morning. Fingers crossed as today wasn’t the easiest.

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