A Boxing Day Special!

26 December 2012

I knew when it was drizzling in town last night that we’d have a chance today, but when leaving John and Margaret’s last night at 10:45 with lovely snow flakes falling, there was no doubt that we were in for a good one! It was overcast this morning but with a hint of light towards the Fornet so Chris, Andreas, Henry and I all headed that way, and what a brilliant ski we had with 20 to 30cm’s of fresh snow to play with. My team opened with great powder on the Mattis piste, followed by the Table de Orientation, one under the Pyramid chair, then an excellent Combe du Signal from the top, then up to the Glacier for a Combe de Giant followed by two runs in the Combe de 3300. Quite a morning really! All the boys were in the neighbourhood and everyone had a cracking morning. (It was great to ski with you again Ian!)

Last night Margaret, Penny and Chrissy laid on a fabulous Christmas dinner, which Jean R totally approved of. It’s nice to watch a Frenchman enjoying English cuisine and nodding his head with satisfaction as he savoured every mouthful. Brilliant and thank you ladies for a wonderful meal!

I’m off shortly to pick up my girls in Geneva and I can hardly wait to see them. It’s been almost a month now and they are pretty excited about seeing naughty old Daddy again!

Unfortunately Chrissy, Jeremy and Jean all missed the morning with illness or injury, but I was thinking of them. And here’s to you Mister Robinson……!

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