The girls first ski!

28 December 2012

It’s a late update tonight as Gill and I took the girls for their first ski of the season this afternoon, followed by a ferocious argument over the Club des Sports, then Ian came over to show us his safari opportunities in Kenya, then supper followed by Christmas presents. Pretty busy really!

Today’s skiing was jolly good for the most part but we needed to jockey about trying to hit lifts as they opened and to avoid the crowds, which were exaggerated due to the slow opening. The strong winds over the past 24-hours damaged a lot of snow but we found some fantastic skiing in places while needing to settle for ‘educational’ snow in others, but with pretty good light and moments in the sun the vis made the tricky bits that much easier. (See photos)

Andreas was a little stiff after his free-fall yesterday and Penny won the ‘splat du jour’ award today, twice over! The second one was an absolute beauty but Penny dusted herself off and continued on as usual, bravo!

I’m off to bed now so stay tuned for more skiing news tomorrow.

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