Sunshine and great skiing!

29 December 2012

After a busy week people-wise Saturday rolled around and we all enjoyed a quieter ski this morning. And with the sun shining and the snow improving after a cold night, it was a fantastic ski. JM, Andreas and I all headed to Tignes skiing off the Verte where the first touch let us know we were in business. The Borsat was lovely, as were the meadows into Tignes. JM and Andreas went up to the Chardonnet while I opened up the Col du Palet and we all skied the Sache from the classic entrance above the chairlift. That entrance as already been purged (killing a skier earlier in the season) making it safer but our regular entrances are still waiting to go and are ‘no-go-zones’ for the moment. The snow up top was ‘crème Anglaise’ as JM put it, and the snow just became better and better towards the bottom. Brilliant really! Meanwhile, Chris and Henry went up to the Fornet but I haven’t heard a report, although I’m sure they ‘sniffed’ out some great skiing. Thomas skied the Tour du Charvet and reported an excellent trip with ambience and good snow. Bravo Thomas!

Ray took Millie skiing on the first lift and the two of them hammered about and didn’t get home until around 1:30. Thanks Ray! We met up with them and they joined us on- piste for a couple of short runs en route to the Sache. Gill skied with Katie who is recovering from her illness and is doing much better, and they enjoyed the calmer pistes and sunshine as well.

It’s a big day in the Premiership and fingers crossed that West Ham can get a result against Reading away. We need to start clocking up some points after a tough run while Reading are desperate, and desperate people are always dangerous. Come on boys! Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

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