First 'skin' of the season!

30 December 2012

What a bonus this morning turned out to be! At 7:30 am it was snowing lightly and overcast and I was not looking forward to a tracked-out resort in flat-light but by the time we arrived at the Gourmandine it was starting to clear and by ‘show-time’ the clouds had lifted as had my mood.

Andreas and I decided on Mont Roup and on December 30th I put my ‘skins’ on for the first time all season! (By this time last year we’d ‘skinned’ 15 times already). Mont Roup came through again as we had great skiing, wonderful ambience and at this time of year with the soft light it was stunningly beautiful. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the trip and it was nice to go for a walk again.

Meanwhile, Thomas skied the Chardonnet and Sache while Chris headed Tignes way and also skied the Sache. We ran into JM in the bottom of the Tour du Charvet and I’m not too sure what Henry skied today.

I skied this afternoon with Millie, Wils, Rosie and Rob and we had fun skiing hard and spending some time trying to ‘sniff’ out jumps. (Check photos) Katie, Millie and Gill skied with Laura this morning and the girls are settling in nicely now.

Sunshine is forecast for tomorrow and I’m not going to mention yesterday’s football scores.

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