Much better than expected at the Fornet!

31 December 2012

We profited from another sunny day as we await snow tomorrow afternoon, and everyone made the most of it. I decided on a trip to the Fornet for a change of scenery and although it looked pretty rough from the Col we found some nice creamy snow in the Pays Desert mixed with a some shots of frisset. We ‘skinned’ for 10 minutes to access clean snow and the big slopes at the bottom and it turned out to be a good trip with no one about. From there I took my first trip over the Col Pers of the season and it too was better than expected. Both the entrance and exit were really good, which is always a bonus as you can struggle to get in and then have tough skiing after the Grand Torsai, but it skied well right to the bottom. Thomas was in the neighbourhood and his team thoroughly enjoyed their morning and the trip over the Col.

Andreas skied the Col des Fours for the first time this season and they had a very good outing as did Chris’ team on Mont Roup but I’m not sure what Jean Marc or Henry skied today.

Thank you Margaret for a lovely dinner party last night. Great food as always and terrific company with Clare and Peter, Mike and Laura and Jean Marc. And thank you Ray for taking Millie and Katie to John D’s drinks party then getting them to bed in decent time afterwards. Thanks also to John for hosting the gathering and emailing the girls a personal invite on Millie’s tablet. They had a fantastic time and because they slept in this morning, Gill needed to shake me awake at ten-to-eight and I had to fly to make it to the Gourmandine on time. In my rush I picked up my camera but failed to take the battery out of the charger and couldn’t take any photos this morning, but Jean will have today’s action on his link.

The girls are still out with Gill, Rob, and their cousins as they’ve had a big ski and are lunching in the Sachette in Les Brevieres. Yummy! They’ll be on top form and are really looking forward to drinks at Penny’s tonight.

Happy New Year to you all and don’t make any promises that you don’t intend to keep!

PS. I just ran into Douglas in the shop who wanted to say what a cracking good job Thomas did with his team this morning. Bravo Thomas! And I was just thinking about all the training I did years ago with TJ when we used to stay up half the night and then get up for work in the morning. It came in handy this morning although I was rusty enough to forget my battery.

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