Happy 2013!

01 January 2013

It was no great surprise when everyone showed up in decent shape this morning to kick off the beginning of 2013, well done all of you! The forecast was for the cloud cover to thicken during the morning but to our surprise and delight the skies cleared giving us great visibility all morning long, and what a bonus it was! Chris and I decided to try the Crete du Genepy for the first time this season and the walk was lovely with great scenery and blue skies. The snow however, had turned a little overnight and wasn’t as good as hoped for, but it was still pretty good skiing and a lovely morning out. Unfortunately Tim took a serious ‘park and fly’ and bashed his nose on his ski pole. Blood was flowing but Doctor Souillac patched him up beautifully and Tim soldiered on. Well done boys! It was lovely to have Stephen and Kaye back, along with their pal Dave, and they were all just happy to be back in the mountains again.

Thomas and Jean Marc were heading to the Glacier Suspendu but I haven’t had a report from them while Andreas was having a birthday ski with the Campbell family as it’s Clare’s birthday today. She was looking a little embarrassed as we all sang a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday at the Gourmandine this morning. Also Happy Birthday to Rob, father of Wils and Rosie, and we’re looking forward to a birthday meal at the Perdrix tonight. Henry was also in action today and he’s looking pretty good considering Jackson must be cutting in on his R&R.

Thanks to Peter and Candice for having Gill and I over to their drinks party last night before we picked up the girls to go to Penny’s annual due. Thanks again Penny from everyone for another brilliant effort that makes New Year’s Eve such a pleasure instead of a dreaded hassle. Bravo!

It’s our first Torchlight Descent of the season tonight so wish us luck as we ski the Face du Bellevarde in the dark, all in the name of community service!

PS. The other night I was gathering everyone around for a photo and instead of saying ‘cheese’, or ‘smile’, or ‘whiskey’, Katie shouts out “Bonking Kangaroos!” Where did she come up with that one?

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