Happy Birthday Ness!

03 January 2013

A high pressure system has installed itself and it looks as if we’re in for clear blue skies and wonderful sunshine for the next week to ten days. Great for sun worshipers but not so good for powder hounds! Anyway, we’ll get on with it and enjoy the visibility and today we had a lovely ski. Chris and I decided to take what was in front of us today and we headed towards the Motte via an excellent taster in the Lower Borsat. My shoulder was clean and we skied it twice before skiing 86-turns in the Rosolin. We had to stop because they’ve inconveniently driven a piste machine across it but we added another thirty turns before ‘skinning’ out to access some nice skiing across the glacier. Next up was the Cairn and we finished off a ‘maximum-turn’ session with a nice Familial.

Jean Marc was skiing his last morning with Jo M’s team before he heads home tomorrow and Thomas was skiing with Karin’s Swedish team and they started with the Face du Charvet, followed by the Danaides/Lavancher and the Super Spatules, and Andreas was skiing with the Bamford family. Henry’s out there somewhere with some initiation clients and showing them a great time.

And I’d like to wish Ness a very happy 8th birthday. She was all smiles (as usual) at the Gourmandine this morning and there is a lovely photo of Ness and her Dad on today’s photo link. Happy Birthday Ness!

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