It was drizzling in town this morning

11 April 2008

It was drizzling in town this morning, (which means fresh snow up high) and as soon as we left the piste to test the snow on the edge of the Verte we knew we were in business. There was a good re-freeze overnight night and we skied a smooth base with a few centimetres on top off the Verte, a little deeper snow in the Borsat, and then some lovely powder up on the Grande Motte. The Glacier itself was excellent and the Rosilin was even better (for a rotation or three) before we skied variations en-route to Les Tus. I ran into Klaus on the bus and when I asked him how is morning was he said, “Skiing with TJ is wonderful, he makes you ski so gently”. We had another good day of visibility for a grey day and only experienced white-out conditions towards the end of the morning. Jean R stopped by the Rond Point to say ‘Bonne ete’ and mentioned that yesterday was his toughest day of the season to which TJ replied, “That’s a good sign”, meaning, ‘Bloody hell Jean, you’ve had a stunning season’. It was great for TJ to get back into some easier snow today and he’s feeling more confident with each day, and is looking forward to next winter. It has snowed off and on most of the day and the temperatures are forecast to drop during the night. Again, we only need a little light and it’s game-on in the morning.

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