An excellent first Glacier Pers!

05 January 2013

Chris and I decided on the Fornet for a change of scenery this morning and we were almost blown off the mountain! It was blowing a gale, which made getting to the Col difficult, but we continued on with our plan and dove over the Col Pers en route to the Glacier Pers. We were protected for the most part and as no one has skied the Glacier Pers this season, we had a lovely clean canvas in front of us. The snow was excellent top-to-bottom and it was a really good morning out.

Andreas skied the Couloir des Pisteurs first thing before heading to the Sachette en route to a lovely lunch with the Bamford family. Henry and Thomas were off today and JM stopped off to say goodbye before heading off to Switzerland for some touring.

Perhaps the most important news of the day was that both Katie and Millie, after putting up an incredible stink, both loved the Club des Sports this morning. Hallelujah! Gill and I are both very pleased and the girls will really benefit from being involved.

The girls had a nice ski and visit with the Patterson family yesterday and ended up swimming and having a sauna at their hotel. Andy and Julia haven’t skied for four years after spending a couple of seasons here and it’s been great to see them back. Their daughter Anna has missed it and they now have three-year-old Pip on skis as well.

I must sign off now as we’re heading up to the Dunn’s for a wonderful lunch followed by West Ham v Man U. Wish me luck!

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