A cracking good Crete du Genepy!

06 January 2013

The high pressure system remains above us although today we had hazier skies that effected the light slightly from time to time. (but after a month of flat light no one is complaining) Chris and I headed up to ski the Crete du Genepy, and the quality of snow was significantly better than a week ago. We ‘skinned’ up for forty minutes then ‘booted’ it up for another 30 to 40 metres to access a lovely clean slope. The ‘boot’ up was a little tricky in places, especially for those at the back, but everyone did the business and applied themselves. (There’s a saying that goes, ‘When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro’, and the troops put in a professional performance! Bravo Louise!) It was great skiing all the way down and another good outing as our options start to dwindle away.

Thomas was skiing with Pedro, who has come all the way from Brazil. He has been following the blog from Sao Paulo and chose ‘Alpine’ because of our adventures. Welcome Pedro and it’s great to have you with us! I think Thomas skied the Sachette, which will have been a brilliant introduction.

Henry was doing a HAT day out while Andreas had a last minute cancellation due to illness and took the opportunity to spend some time with his children.

I took the girls swimming this afternoon with their pal Anna and they were having such a good time I didn’t even need to get wet. What a bonus!

Thanks to Geoff and Inga for a fantastic lunch yesterday and a great game of football. The Hammers came so close but were undone at the death by sheer class from Van Persie. He had one chance and brought the ball down, controlled it superbly and finished it off like the world-class striker that he is. Nothing to do but cry in my beer!

The girls start school tomorrow and Gill is just about ready to get her off-piste season started. Stay tuned!

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