Slowing running out of options!

07 January 2013

It’s getting tougher every day now as the sun has been turning the sunny slopes, the wind has been damaging snow as well, and after a resort full of people tracking the place out, it’s not that easy at the moment to find good clean snow. Still, the boys are doing the business and we’re still enjoying some great skiing.

My team warmed-up in some nice snow off the Mont Blanc before heading to the Sachette for pretty good skiing most of the way, followed by a nice Altiport to finish. Chris joined me in the Sachette and Altiport while Andreas skied with a Swedish team in the Little Lavachet, Sachette, Cocaine Nord and Altiport. Thomas ‘skinned’ to the Crete du Genepy with Pedro, who is thoroughly enjoying himself. (Jean didn’t ski today so the photos are on my link)

John E skied with me today but Margaret hasn’t skied for a couple of weeks after her ankle injury. She hit a rock under the snow and the impact was enough to damage her ligament. She’s slowly on the mend and hopefully will be able to ski before to long.

We may see some snow at the end of the week, and believe me, it would be most welcome!

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