A good morning snatched from the jaws of a 'stinker'!

08 January 2013

After a tricky start we turned it around and ended up having a jolly nice morning skiing some very good frisset. I tried the meadows off the traverse to Mont Roup/Crete du Genepy, which two days ago had some lovely snow beneath it, but the wind has left ‘wandering plaque’ (TJ-ism) amongst the ripples and although we left some good tracks, it wasn’t the easiest. I warned Chris off so he headed straight up to the Motte where we caught him up later on. We skied down my shoulder to find some nice snow below in the meadows before ‘skinning’ up towards the Little Borsat West. We were rewarded with some excellent skiing before finishing up with the faithful Altiport.

Thomas and Pedro, equipped with Pedro’s funky homemade camera holder attached to his ski, decided on the Glacier Pers, which has stood up well against the wind damage. Getting over the Col is getting tougher but the ski was worth it and the entrance should put a few people off. (Sensible ones anyway!) Andreas and Henry were off today but should be back in action tomorrow,

It’s so nice at the moment that Gill and I ate lunch on the terrace. The forecast is for a foul day on Thursday, but without any snow to speak of before another extended period of ‘beach’ weather. Fingers crossed for some snow.

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