A brilliant reunion last night!

09 January 2013

The weather is threatening to change but we enjoyed another sunny day and considering the conditions, some great skiing. We all headed to the Fornet with Thomas, Chris and I ‘skinning’ to the Glacier Pers, which was still really good with clean snow and lovely ambience. Andreas had a Swedish team and they had a great morning skiing the Tour de Lechoir followed by the Vallonnet.

I skied with the girls this afternoon and we did a ropey Campanules before coming back to ski our ‘Funk’ runs around the Marmottons Express. Gill missed out as she went down to Bourg for a serious shop. Thanks Gill!

Gill, Millie, Katie and I had a fantastic reunion with Tim and Di in the Taverne last night. I haven’t seen them for years and we had some great laughs and were joined by Dick, Matt C, David Mac, Moose, and Tchenko, and believe me that is a serious cast of characters, all who have spent some of the best years of their lives in this town. Leah and Michael R showed up as well for dinner, and the girls were well pleased to see them. Tim and Di run a lovely hotel in the Pyrenees with superb food and wine and they cater for cyclists. I’ll add a link and give you more information at a later date.
Great evening and thanks Tim and Di!

Hopefully we’ll have decent vis in the morning as the weather is trying to change with a rumour of a little snow around the weekend. Log on tomorrow more news.

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