Considering the conditions, it was 10/10!

10 January 2013

We had a window of opportunity this morning as the change in weather wasn’t forecast to move in until this afternoon, and we certainly made the most of it. Chris and I decided to take a chance on Mont Roup and we were rewarded with a great morning. The Crete du Genepy is still good so we ‘skinned’ up there for 15-minutes to access the meadows en-route to Mont Roup and it was a nice bonus ski-wise as well as shortening the walk up Mont Roup. Mont Roup itself was much better than expected and we found good untracked snow most of the way. The ambience was terrific with very impressive ‘creepers’ or ‘stretch marks’, and I’ve never seen them so imposing. It was Mark, Frans and Adrian’s first trip to Mont Roup, which always adds to the occasion and considering the conditions at the moment, I’d give the outing 10/10! (See photos)

Pedro has had a superb time this week skiing with Thomas and they finished off in style today as they skied the Couloir Lorenzo before bombing over to ski the Sachette. Nice one boys and we look forward to seeing Pedro again next winter!

The ‘screamer’ two doors down was at it again last night. Fortunately it was at 8:45 PM instead of 4:30AM but at least Gill believes me now! It seems to be a one-a-month thing, whether she needs it or not, so we can live with that.

I saw Tim and Di in the Funival today and had a moment of worry when Tim’s skis only came up to his chest, but before long I was relieved when realizing that they were resting on the bottom step. Sorry for the moment of doubt Tim!

Snow is floating about at the moment (5:30PM) and if we’re lucky we could have 20cm’s by morning and a fresh canvas. Yahoo!

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