Fresh snow for Gill's first morning!

11 January 2013

Halleluiah, 25cm’s of wonderful fresh snow fell overnight giving us a fresh canvas and a lovely soft cushion underfoot. It was Pedro’s last morning as his beautiful wife Carla gave him the ok to squeeze in two-and-a-half hours of skiing this morning before rushing off to Geneva for their flight back to Brazil, and Pedro made the most of it. We skied various runs around La Daille, getting to the slopes first, and it was a cracking good ‘maximum-turn’ morning. Gill skied her first off-piste morning of the season and I must say without being biased, that she was ‘skier of the morning’! (Me, biased? Never!) Andreas was back in action today skiing with the Bamford’s and they also had a terrific morning.

Poor Jean had two horrible face-plants today, the second of which finished him off. The first one was in the trees when he caught his boot on a root. The second was posing for a photo. John Yates-Smith appeared out of nowhere towards the bottom of the Funival and asked us to ski by the edge of the piste for a photo for his website. We all obliged and Jean was swallowed up by a massive hole that we couldn’t see in the flat light. It was like a blooming ‘manhole’. Thank goodness Jean didn’t hurt himself as we all know how vulnerable his shoulders are. Not to be outdone, Frans also had two beauties, and the second wasn’t far off Jean’s in terms of a violent landing as both falls drew blood. (For our troubles Gill made it onto the YSE photo-of-the-day!)

The big star of the day was my darling Millie who went to school without any problems and a smile on her face this morning, which is fantastic news. She picked up an A+ in an exam yesterday, which I find incredible as I’ve never had an A+ in my life! Bravo Millie and we’ll enjoy the Burger Bar tonight!

It’s still snowing at 3PM and is forecast to continue before clearing off for a sunny day tomorrow. Yes!

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