Wonderful morning, unfortunate ending!

12 January 2013

Today was one of the top five mornings of the season with stunning snow, no people, great slopes, and blue skies. Unfortunately, Frans was injured on the last run in the Familial, which put a serious damper on our outing.

It was a ‘maximum-turn’ morning of the highest quality and we warmed-up with a cracking run on the Fontaine Froide. From there we skied a nice run off the Verte before skiing under the Borsat Chair en-route to the Little Borsat Nord ( first in) and then the good slopes under the Fresse. We then opened up the Combe des Lanches in wonderful snow before heading upstairs to my shoulder, which has never been better. After two runs there we skied an excellent Cairn and then finished with the Familial. Unfortunately, Frans fell and his ski didn’t release, leaving him with a break just below the knee and another in his ankle. We needed a helicopter rescue and the Pisteur from Tignes was incredibly efficient and humorous (in good taste considering) and the helicopter pilot was pretty impressive as well. (See photos) The team needed to pack down a landing zone for the helicopter, which zoomed in then whisked Frans away.

It was a blow for Frans as we’ve had a fantastic week and a superb morning to finish off his holiday, and to be injured so close to home was very bad luck indeed. Frans was planning on coming back soon with Adrian, Mark and hopefully Al, but we’ll have to wait until next year. Sorry Frans!

I had the pleasure of skiing with Laura this morning, who has skied with Andreas since she was 13 when he was still at Snow Fun. She had a brilliant morning and skied really well and we look forward to seeing her again soon.

I must give John Ellis a ‘skier of the morning’ award as he was brilliant today. I’ve posted several photos of him, but I could have put up three or four more of equal quality. Well done John, sterling performance!

Thanks for the drinks party tonight Pat, I won’t mention the Hammers score, Katie had a wonderful time with the Club des Sports today (Millie’s turn tomorrow) and I’m not too sure about tomorrow’s weather. Stay tuned!

PS. I’m sure the rest of the boys had a great day as well. I worked this afternoon with a great bloke and friend of Tony W’s called John, and after what happened to Frans I never got around to hearing about where everyone else skied. Sorry!

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