Baye's first Col Pers!

13 January 2013

After yesterday’s powder feast it was potentially going to be a trickier day, especially with the early cloud cover, but when it started to clear our spirits rose and we had another wonderful morning. Chris and I headed up to the Fornet and after some bits- and-pieces to warm-up we skied an excellent Pays Desert before diving over the Col for an equally good Col Pers. I had Baye, a lovely young Canadian girl who is here for the season, skiing with Jean and John this morning, and she had a great time and thought the old boys were rather impressive. It was her trip over the Col and she was suitably impressed with the outstanding views and it’s refreshing to see someone’s face light up when coming around the corner to witness such an unexpected vista. We look forward to seeing Baye on her day off during the season and it turns out that her godfather is Richard, Sylvie’s husband. Thanks for sending her along Richard! And it was a great first day for Graham and Mick D, who are skiing with Chris this week. Thomas and Andreas were both in action again this morning and although they started Bellevarde/Borsat-way, I’m not too sure where they ended up.

Yesterday Chris had the privilege of opening the Combe du Signal in fabulous snow, with Andreas close behind while Thomas had an exciting morning boarding through some steep couloirs. Everyone was raving about their outings and it really was a stunning day. I spoke with Frans this morning and he was on his way to the airport in a taxi and was in good spirits considering. We all wish Frans a speedy and full recovery!

The girls had a fantastic time with the Club des Sports this weekend and they’re both proud as punch in their Ski Club jackets. Bravo girls! Big John asked me if I was going to stop calling the Club des Sports children the ‘Ski Club brats’? I never called them that did I John?

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow.

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