We all headed towards the Motte again today

12 April 2008

We all headed towards the Motte again today and found wonderful skiing everywhere we went. The Verte was good, the Borsat was even better, and everything off the Motte was superb. Oli, Chris and I were all on the first cable-car, which only had two people who weren’t with ‘Alpine’, and it was non-stop powder turns in 20 to 25cm’s. We spent the morning upstairs and finished with a perfect Familial for another ‘maximum-turn’ outing. Andreas was skiing with friends after spending the past ten days or so mostly on piste and TJ skied off-piste with Derek and his two kids, Gregor and Heather, who made Dad proud! We wish a big Happy Birthday to my lovely wife Gill, as well as TJ’s son Oscar, who turns twelve today. The forecast is for a sunny day tomorrow before off-and-on snow for the early part of next week. Sounds good to me!

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