Travelling light!

14 January 2013

I was travelling light today with only Jean and Gill, and we had a lovely morning in great snow and pretty good visibility. Chris joined me for a nice warm-up off the Verte en-route to the Borsat, followed by the meadows into Tignes. It was jolly cold so we took the bus around to keep warm before skiing an excellent Sachette, with great quality top-to-bottom. Jean was tired and took the Olympique while Gill and I finished off with a funky Familial. (Henry was in action at the Fornet while Thomas and Andreas had the day off)

Chris, Tansy and I all took the young school children skiing this afternoon and I had the same team as last season, which was good fun. Unfortunately one little girl skied into the back of another and I needed to carry the injured girl down. I’m totally exhausted from it, physically but mostly mentally as it’s draining having injuries in any group. Hopefully Gabrielle will be fine tomorrow and will be able to continue on. Thanks to Chris, Didier and Tansy who came down to help my team back to the bus as I was running late and had my hands full.

Thanks to Baye for the lovely article that she wrote for Sylvie’s Just Val d’Isere website. She was a pleasure to ski with and the boys look forward to skiing with her again soon.

It looks as if some snow is moving in with light snow tomorrow but the snow falls should intensify later in the week.

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