The 'Walking Wounded'!

15 January 2013

A quick one today as I’m in a real rush and on my way out. I just returned home at 4:50 after helping Chris get his school kids back to the school in the nick of time. We we’re ambushed by the weather and Chris came down the bubbles at La Daille because the children were frozen and he couldn’t get them down the Olympique to the meeting place. All a little stressful but we managed in the end. Well done Chris!

As for the skiing today, I had a team of walking wounded. Geoff was trying out his second artificial knee today, Derek’s back is really giving him trouble, John E is recovering from a serious toothache, Jean R has some niggles, and Gill developped a sore ankle in the last hour ! I didn’t have too much to complain about. We had some good skiing off the Verte and in the Borsat before trying my shoulder for one run. It was a little tracked underneath so we headed (Chris’ team as well) to the Rosolin for a 120-turn pitch, which was excellent. After a short ‘skin’ we had some bonus turns across the Glacier before heading home.

It was cold this afternoon and it’s forecast to get colder tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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