-23C but brilliant!

17 January 2013

Wow, what a brilliant ski we earned this morning! It was -23C on top of the Borsat this morning so Chris and I spent the morning on sunny slopes and ended up shedding layers. We started off with a 20-minute ‘skin’ up the Crete du Genepy, which accessed some great skiing en-route to Mont Roup. Both teams left some excellent tracks in our wake and by the time we arrived to ‘skin’ up Mont Roup the sun had climbed high enough so that we were never in the shade. Mont Roup itself was fantastic and everyone thoroughly enjoyed their turns as we worked hard for them today. I was really proud of John E and Jean R, both of them climbed well and skied beautifully. Bravo boys! (Jean and I have captured the day nicely with our photos)

Andreas had a team of Vikings today and they had a terrific ski skiing the Borsat, Chardonnet and probably the Sache as well. I saw Andreas last night as he was serving hot wine for the parade of the polo ponies. He was absolutely swamped as his serving partner never showed up so I helped him serve until reinforcements arrived. Millie had dressed me up in a silly hat so I looked the part!

Thanks to Geoff for a great meal last night followed by the United v West Ham match, which turned out to be an honourable 1-0 defeat. I was proud of the boys and some of the young players that I’ve never really seen before. John E and Yvonne joined us for dinner but they peeled out at half-time.

The cold weather is forecast to continue, which means we won’t see any snow to speak of, but if the visibility is good there is still some great skiing to be had. Stay tuned!

PS Due to the cold weather the Ski Scolaire was cancelled this afternoon so Tansy, Chris and I had the afternoon off but were still credited with our community service hours. Result!

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