Not my best call!

18 January 2013

Today I decided at the last minute to head to the Fornet for a change of scenery, going from Plan A to about Plan D, and it didn’t work out the way I’d imagined. We gave the Glacier Pers a miss because of the cold so I headed out into the Pays Desert, and even though it looked like rubbish, I was confident about ‘sniffing’ out a little strip here and there mixed in with the odd gulley. After skiing some good patches up high it just got tougher and tougher and I can’t remember the pickings ever being so bare. I don’t get it wrong very often and being a perfectionist I was cross with myself as I take bad calls very personally, but you’ll be pleased to know I’ve moved on now. (Bugger!) We did ski some good snow (see photos) and had a lovely visual tour.

Chris braved the elements and carried on to the Glacier Pers where he found ‘skiers’ snow for the most part, but nothing they couldn’t handle. His team left good ‘Alpine’ tracks behind and they all loved the outing.

Meanwhile, Andreas was stood-up by 4 of 5 of his team of Vikings but the one who came was really keen so Andreas had a brilliant morning with him. Last I heard he was thinking about the Lavachet and the Super Cocaine. Thomas was also in action today and I’ve a feeling he skied similar runs to Andreas.

Tansy, Didier, Chris and I all showed up for our 2 o’clock meeting for the school children but it had been cancelled without anyone letting us know. Poor Chris didn’t get home until 1:30 from the Fornet then had to rush off. Anyway, we’ve all now finished our service hours.

Thanks to Mike and Laura for a fantastic meal last night. It was great to see Russell again and we had some good laughs.

We’re off to see the polo match tonight with the girls, which should be good fun as Katie loves horses but they’re really looking forward to the free hot chocolates, crepes, crisps and that sort of thing.

We should see some snow over the next couple of days as it’s warmed up significantly and is beginning to cloud over.

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