What a morning!

19 January 2013

Wow, what an unexpectedly delicious ski we were treated to this morning. About 10 to 20cm’s of fresh light snow fell overnight and with good visibility this morning we capitalised with a ‘maximum-turn’ session. It was just Chris and I working and we were both travelling light so we covered a lot of ground starting with the Face de Bellevarde with only a couple of stops. From there it was the Fontaine Froide off-piste, off the Verte, the meadows from the Borsat to the Grand Pre, the Tour du Charvet, the Marmottons/Marmottes, the Lower Borsat into Tignes and the Familial to finish. There was a ‘light bulb’ above the Bellevarde area and we used it gratefully as most of the resort was under flat-light conditions from early on. Gill was able to ski until 11:30 as the girls were off with the Club des Sports, and it was a real ‘bonus’ for her. Andreas was off today while Thomas is on his way to Switzerland for a week’s touring with JM and Oli. Have fun Thomas!

We had a great time at the Polo last night with Anna and Kiera. The girls loved rolling around in the snow and testing the free taste treats such as waffles, soup, and crisps, while Kiera, Gill and I started with vin chaud, soup, and waffles before realizing that nibbles and champagne was available at the ‘posh’ end of the pitch. It was no surprise that Peter B migrated to the champagne stand as he can smell champers a mile away!

I had a nice drink with Pete N last night at the Taverne. I haven’t seen Pete in ages and we were joined towards the end by Nicky P, Patrick from Snow Fun, and Dick.

It’s snowing lightly now and we could see a good snowfall before morning, although the Foehn wind is starting to blow at altitude. The temperature has risen enormously compared to the past few days so fingers crossed for some snow.

PS. It’s stopped snowing and it doesn’t look like much more is on the way, although last night’s snow did make a difference. And it’s not looking good at half-time at Upton. Come on boys!

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