Uninspiring start, but a great morning!

20 January 2013

The wind was blowing a hoolie this morning and when we arrived at the Gourmandine the sky was overcast and it wasn’t very inspiring. Heading into the wind at the Fornet would have been brave and we were worried about getting stuck in Tignes if the lifts closed due to wind, but in the end Chris and I headed up Bellevarde. After a test off the Verte, which was 50/50, we headed up the Borsat and climbed up to take the Face Nord from the top. It was good skiing and ambience and we continued down through the meadows into Tignes. From there we hiked up into the Chardonnet where the wind was fiercely whipping the snow around so that you could hardly see at times, but the ambience was excellent and the snow was easier to ski than it looked, which was a result as it wasn’t a pretty sight! We then had a good pitch coming off the Grand Huit en-route to the Aiguille Percee. By this time it was too late to try the Sache so we skied the Super Cocaine instead, followed by a pitch off the Palafour, and then a nice run in warm powder beside the first par-avalanche. We went for a ‘sniff’ in the Familial on the way home but besides the odd strip it was pretty ugly. All in all it was a great morning, especially when it cleared up early on and the skiing was much better than expected when leaving the Gourmandine. Andreas skied with Victor this morning as he was off, Henry was also off while Thomas is with JM and Oli in Switzerland.

I went ice skating this afternoon with the girls, their friend Anna, and Didier, and it was fantastic to watch the girls improve so much in one afternoon. Thanks to Toby, who was brilliant with them and gave them some tips as well as a helping hand.

We had a fantastic time at the Polo Final last night with wonderful canapés and free champagne. It really is a great event and now that we have it sussed, they’ll see more of us next year! While Mike, Laura, Kiera, Gill, Toby, Andy, Derek, Paul and I were enjoying ourselves, the girls were having a ball climbing up the Face and sliding back down again. After a full day with the Club des Sports they were pretty jolly tired at the end of it.

I’m not too sure about the weather tomorrow but we’ll do our best with whatever comes our way.

And what a great second-half performance by the Hammers yesterday!

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