Another unexpected result!

21 January 2013

Like yesterday, it didn’t look very promising at the Gourmandine but we ended up having a jolly good morning. There was a nasty fog towards the Col de Galise so Chris and I decided to head up Bellevarde and half way up we broke through the cloud bank to cheers all around. We started off with one off the Fontaine Froide in the sun before heading up the Borsat for a very good Face Nord. We traversed in from under the chair to enter higher up and besides a rocky entry the snow was beautiful. From there we headed up the Funicular to ski the Rosolin before ‘skinning’ out and we then ‘skinned’ up to the Little Borsat West, which was good as well. My team skied piste home as David L had a plane to catch and by this time it was snowing and the light was flat and venturing off-piste at this stage wasn’t very appetizing. Fiona was along this morning and skied really well while Chris has the Sea-Captain, Sandy and Ruth back.

Henry used some of Jean’s (perhaps mine as well) photos in his ‘live’ internet broadcast last night and some of you may have seen it. It’s on his website if you missed it or if you’d like to see what Henry is up to these days.

It’s now snowing heavily, which is great news although little Katie is out in the storm with her ski class. But it beats maths any day!

Sports Report- The Baltimore Ravens are responsible for ruining the lives of two of my good friends. First Stretch was suicidal after the Ravens beat his Broncos in double-overtime in Denver last week, and then last night the Ravens upset Michael R’s beloved New England Patriots. Bad luck boys and could a wild-card team win it all two years in a row? My money is on the 49’ers.

PS I posted a great photo that Stuart took of Chris’ team in the Chardonnet yesterday.

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