Fresh snow and blue skies!

22 January 2013

The temperature dropped off overnight and it was 12C upstairs with winds forecast at 40 to 70kph, but it was predicted for the cloud cover to clear during the morning, which is exactly what happened. Yesterday afternoon and last night’s snow made a huge difference, especially in the lee where there were impressive accumulations of fresh snow in places, and with the sunshine there was a nice ‘feel-good’ factor. After three or four days skiing Bellevarde-Tignes way Chris talked me into heading towards the Fornet for a change of scenery even though the skies would clear towards Tignes first. It was like a day off as I was skiing with just Jean R and Gill and we had a nice warm-up on the Mattis followed by some good turns off the Laisinant Express. We took the Signal and were the first into the Grand Vallon (my first of the season) even though the visibility wasn’t that good. We skied all the way to the valley floor before coming back up into the sunshine for the Combe du Signal, the Combe du 3300, a quick hot chocolate as it was a bit of a holiday, followed by the Pays Desert. All good stuff! I never did see Chris this morning as he bussed up to the Fornet but last I heard he was about to be the first to dive over the Col Pers around 12:45 and his team were heading towards a 2 o’clock finish. Chris felt it might be the last chance for his team to see the views this week so he wanted to take advantage of the clear blue skies while they last.

Meanwhile, Andreas was back skiing after a few days off and he was raring to go. He had a couple of Vikings along with Colin and Derek and they had a great time as he gave them the Chardonnet/Sache treatment, which always goes down well. I bet they also had a cracking good run in the Borsat en-route. Nice one boys!

Katie is out with the school skiing again this afternoon and the weather at the moment is much kinder for the little ones than it was yesterday. The girls are having a wonderful time after settling into school and the Club des Sports, and they’re both loving the skiing, swimming, skating, social life and the general winter wonderland that this place is. It all makes me a pretty happy Daddy!

It’s forecast to be cloudy tomorrow with light snow in the afternoon, but fingers crossed for some visibility in the morning!

PS. I forgot my camera today so all the photos are on Jean’s link.
PSS. Great shots today Jean, thanks!

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