There was a good re-freeze last night

13 April 2008

There was a good re-freeze last night and the sun was out in full force this morning giving us a break from the flat-light conditions we’ve experienced lately (I’m not complaining as the skiing has been superb). The obvious choice was the Motte or the Fornet but after spending the past week between the two, Chris and I decided to take advantage of the re-freeze and ski the Sachette for a change of scenery. The snow was lovely off the Verte, meaning the Sachette would work, and we skied an excellent Altiport into the Lavachet en-route. The Sachette was very good indeed the Julian and Chris had the cameras rolling as Red Ray and Simon F skied the couloir before the rest of us continued into the main bowl. The boys have taken some great footage this season (some of which can be viewed through Jean R’s link on the Link’s page) and everyone has enjoyed seeing themselves in action. We finished off a great morning with a Familial and Spatule. TJ returned to the fantastic snow up on the Motte with his initiation group, while Andreas and Henry skied at the Fornet before ‘skinning’ to and skiing wonderful snow over the Col des Fours, where they are staying the night there before returning in the morning. Jean Marc is here with his family for a week’s holiday and they had a great day as well and Red Ray took Millie out for a ski this afternoon on their own. Thanks Ray! It is forecast to snow tomorrow and Tuesday before the sun returns on Wednesday.

Sports Report- Don’t ask about the Hammers, all I can say is that they’re safe, thank goodness. But Bolton winning combined with other results tightens up the drop-zone considerably, and a few teams will be extremely nervous. Sounds like the Man U win over Arsenal was a great game and what a result for United. That should just about see them home but the fat lady hasn’t begun to sing quite yet. What I’d really like to do tonight is watch the final round of the Masters from Augusta, but since that isn’t possible I’m off to bed instead.

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