Taking it easy!

25 January 2013

After walking yesterday I thought a ‘gravity-fed’ morning would be appreciated and we enjoyed great snow with minimum effort. After a little pep-talk about being more positive through the bottom foot, Jean, John, Chrissy, Gill and I started off on piste working on a little technique as we made our way over to the Aiguille Percee sector. From there we skied a good Cocaine Sud before heading back up for an excellent Sachette where the steeper pitches were wonderful. We then finished off a great morning with a faithfully good Familial Sud. Chris’ team were in the same area although we didn’t see much of them, and unfortunately Ruth hurt herself getting on the Aiguille Rouge chairlift and has damaged her elbow, but to what extent we don’t yet know. Fingers crossed that it isn’t broken!

Andreas was skiing with Tim’s team and his plan was to ski the Crete du Genepy and Mont Roup, but because of various rendez-vous’ amongst the team he had to change his plans and headed up to the Fornet to try the Col Pers. I haven’t heard a report and don’t know how he got on this afternoon. Meanwhile, Thomas is returning from a week of touring in Switzerland with JM and Oli.

Hopefully the sun will shine again tomorrow as we await a little snow on Sunday afternoon and evening.

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