A terrific Col des Fours!

26 January 2013

The sun was out again today and after an easier day yesterday it was time for another walk. Chris and I decided on the Col Des Fours and we were a little worried on the walk up has it was blowing a hoolie and the thought of damaged snow entered our minds. Fortunately when we arrived at the Col the wind was non-existent and the snow quality was pretty jolly good, which goes down well when you’ve made people walk for 75-minutes! The ski down was very good with JC’s team going one way and mine the other, and both teams found excellent snow. Chris then decided on a funky route through the waterfall, which was interesting with great ambience. We then ‘skinned’ up over the next little Col to find even better snow and the extra pitches finished off a wonderful morning, and Chrissy thought it was the best Col des Fours she’s skied in ages.

I had John H along for a bonus ski as he caught a lift with Thomas after a week in Switzerland touring with the boys. He was supposed to have spent today on trains and busses but he stayed at Thomas’ place last night and came up this morning with Muriel. John says thanks T and M! I also had a couple of young university students, Rory and Nick, who came via John Ellis. They had a fantastic time, skied really well, and slotted into the team seamlessly. Bravo boys and it was a pleasure to have you along! And it was nice to have David C along again today in Chris’ team as Stuart and Sandy finished their week.

Meanwhile, Andreas had a sly little grin on his face this morning as he told us about his lunch yesterday that finished at 7:30PM. Ouch! He looked fresh as a daisy however, after taking a taxi home and getting a good night’s sleep. Today they had a wonderful ski on the Crete du Genepy followed by Mont Roup. Nice one!

Henry was out this morning with David H’s team and they had a great time skiing around the Motte as Henry was introducing the newer members of David’s team to the pleasures of off-piste skiing.

Snow is forecast for tomorrow afternoon but hopefully we’ll get away with a sunny morning first.

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