Super Sunday !

27 January 2013

It was a ‘bonus’ morning of sunshine today as it stayed clear for our ski before clouding over this afternoon. Chris had some new French clients today, Patrick and Catherine, who’ve skied in Val d’Isere for years. In fact, Patrick has skied here for 46 years and I’ve recognised them by sight for about 30-years! Anyway, Chris and I headed up to ski the Crete du Genepy and then decided to keep going and ski Mont Roup as well. The Crete was great and on Mont Roup we traversed hard skiers-left towards the spring-side, and had excellent snow top-to-bottom. It was Baye’s first trip out that way and she thoroughly enjoyed it and between us we also had Jean, Bernard, John E, Louise, Sharon, and Suzanne.

Meanwhile Andreas headed to the Glacier Suspendu (Terre Rouge) with Chrissy and John H and they a great trip as well. They managed to finish skiing before the clouds rolled in, which maximised the enjoyment of the morning. Chrissy was looking a little fragile this morning as she was out with Tony W and his pals last night, which sounds dangerous, but she was up to the task this morning. Well done Chrissy!

Gill had a fantastic time skiing with Millie and Katie this morning and couldn’t believe how much faster Katie is after her Club des Sports training. She knew Millie was fast but she’s a little depressed feeling she can’t keep up with her seven-year-old!

Hopefully this cloud cover will give us some new snow before ‘show-time’ tomorrow as a fresh canvas would be appreciated. For the first 30-days of the season I never used my ‘skins’ once, but in the 28-days since they’ve been used 21 times. No wonder my legs are feeling a little heavy! Anyway, we’re all hoping for a few flakes tonight.

Sports Report- Bad luck Andy but that Djokovic character is the undisputed heavyweight champion of the tennis world at the moment. It was a great achievement getting by Roger, but beating an on-form Novak was always asking a bit much.

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