A fresh canvas out of nothing!

28 January 2013

Ten centimetres of snow fell overnight, but what a difference it made! In the lee there was 20 to 30cm’s in places and after a misty start the skies cleared and everyone made the most of it. My team started off with a nice warm-up off the Verte, followed by one on Bonnevie’s Drag before skiing a lovely run in the Borsat. From there we followed Chris into the Col du Palet for a cracking run as the mist was lifting, and then up for a Combe des Lanches. We took the Funicular up and it was blowing a hoolie upstairs giving us a great ambience and excellent skiing off the Cairn, before finishing up a brilliant morning with the Familial. Adrian and Emmett were skiing again after missing last season and they were well pleased to be back, and it was Inga’s first off-piste of the season.

Meanwhile, Andreas was skiing with Chrissy, Lars and a new client Alex, and they had some great snow and an adventurous morning skiing the Borsat followed by the Chardonnet twice, before finishing with the Familial. Thomas is back from his tour in Switzerland with the boys and he was skiing all day with an Irish trio, Cathy, William and Jody, who all looked pretty good on their feet when I saw them this afternoon in the Familial.

I had a cracking afternoon with Celyn and her brother Johan skiing off the Verte, the Borsat, the Campanules, the Familial and then finishing with the Super Spatule. Johan is well into the off-piste and we hope to see them both later in the season.

According to my forecast we should have a sunny day tomorrow although my daughter Millie is predicting snow. Either or will do!

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