Happy Birthday Boys!

29 January 2013

After several days away it was time for a change of scenery and the entire team migrated to the Fornet. Chris, Andreas, Thomas, Henry and I were all working today and everyone had a jolly nice morning with good snow and for the most part, pretty decent light as well. The light held up until around noon when the clouds started to blot out the sun so the last part of the morning was a little trickier. My team started off in the Combe du Signal from the Pyramid, followed by a nice little shot off the Col poma, then a Combe 3300, and we finished with a good run over the Col Pers. All the boys were in the neighbourhood skiing similar type runs and a good morning was enjoyed by all.

I had a lovely afternoon with Adam F and his 13-year-old son Tom. Adam used to ski with me often with his brother Paul and friend Jonathan, but kids came along and we know and understand that complication. Anyway, Tom is here with just his Dad on a ‘boys week’ and they’re having a terrific time. Young Tom is already a pretty good powder skier and he’s a very keen golfer who plays regularly in Men’s Competitions partnering his Dad. How cool is that!

I’d like to wish Chris and Fred a very happy birthday today. Chris is celebrating (not really as JC doesn’t do birthdays) his 60th today while Grandpa Fred is definitely celebrating his 73rd. Have a great evening boys and bon appetit Fred!

It clouded over this afternoon and at 5:30PM it’s starting to snow lightly. The wind really picked up this afternoon so hopefully the wind won’t be too much of a factor and we get enough snow overnight to make a difference. Stay tuned!

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