Not too bad for a stinker!

30 January 2013

It blew a hoolie last night and it rained lightly up to around 3000m’s, and between the wind battering and rain crust it was never going to be the easiest of mornings. With that said my original test off the Verte was fairly positive as the slight ‘surface tension’ was easy to ski through and had quite a good feel to it. After a decent run in the lower Borsat and across the meadows Chris, Thomas and I headed up the Funicular to get above the rain crust. I was surprised to find out that it had rained as high as the summit of the Funicular but the gentler slopes had good ‘skiers snow’ and we left some pretty good team tracks. (I did try one steep pitch off the Motte and it was nasty, so I stayed on gentler terrain after that) Chris, Thomas and I ended up ‘skinning’ up to the little Borsat West, which gave us a mission and we ended up with some nice skiing. It turned into a real mission for some as Chris forgot his ‘skins’ and had to side-step up, while Adrian managed to put his ‘skins’ on the wrong-way-around. To be fair to Adrian his skis are slightly twin-tipped, which did throw him off. (See photos) From there we found some good bonus turns here and there and all in all I thought it was a pretty good morning considering what we had to work with.

Andreas started out trying the Little Lavachet, which he said was “shocking”, but that test let the rest of us know to forget the Sache as an option. Thanks Andreas! Andreas then circled back around and played off the Balme, the Genepy and the Familial, finishing up with a really good morning. (Chris spoke to an ESF guide who said the Sache was dreadful so thank goodness we all gave that a miss)

Chris had a group of four lovely ladies joining Nick and Ann today. Sandy, Polly, Alicia, and Julie were all very positive, had great senses of humour, and didn’t even notice the conditions were tough as they were having such a good time. Bravo ladies!

Gill and I took the girls tobogganing this afternoon and they had a brilliant time. It is an exhilarating sport but it is rather dangerous and I’m always glad when we come away unscathed. We saw Adrian and Charlotte having a ski together and it’s great to see Charlotte enjoying her skiing.

Well done to Andreas for doing the torchlight parade last night in memory of friends who were lost in the mountains. It’s an annual event and Andreas always goes along, as did TJ. Bravo Andreas!

Clive B and his pal Richard H are both in town and it’s great to see them both back and skiing together again. They go way back to our old Top Ski days and have spent some wonderful times here, and long may it continue.

It looks as if we’re in for another sunny day tomorrow, which is good news because you wouldn’t want to take this snow on in flat-light as you’d be asking for the ‘wishbone’ treatment, which is definitely not recommended! Snow is forecast for the weekend.

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