Ten centimetres but what a difference!

01 February 2013

About 10cm’s of fresh snow fell overnight but with the warmth it had a density that cushioned the base underneath and was lovely to ski. In many places it seemed much deeper than reported, making for a cracking morning. Chris, Andreas, and I all headed up Bellevarde and we received a face full when exiting the Olympique so I turned left and skied a great opener on the Face de Bellevarde, which was smooth underfoot and had collected a nice amount of snow. From there I joined Andreas off the Fontaine Froide for a good run, before heading to Bonnevie’s Drag and under the Mont Blanc. It was excellent skiing and I spent my morning around La Daille while Andreas finished up joining Chris off the Mattis en route to the Fornet.

The local ‘ski bums’, if that term still applies, have been raving about these Black Diamond skis, which are about 6 feet long and a foot wide, with rocker tips and tails. Andreas was curious about them so he tried a pair this morning and when he tried to return them to the shop in question, they were closed. There was an avalanche on the road to Bourg this morning and with a big storm moving in this afternoon Andreas wanted to get back down the valley and home as soon as possible so he asked me to return the skis, which or course I said yes to. But, I hadn’t appreciated that I’ll need to walk through town carrying a pair of the largest skis I’ve ever laid my eyes on, and would never be caught dead on. I’m now working on a disguise and I’ll make a run for it!

Gill and I are looking forward to dinner tonight at Geoff and Inga’s, who are two of my favourite chefs in the world. Besides stunning food, Geoff’s cellar is superb and the perfect wine will accompany every course. I’d best be careful as 50cm’s of snow and flat-light await in the morning!

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