The forecasted overnight snow didn't arrive

14 April 2008

The forecasted overnight snow didn’t arrive so we we’re left with a mountain of sun damaged snow from yesterday’s heat, and our only option was high, north and clean, which meant we’d need our ‘skins’ this morning. Chris and I chose the Glacier Pers and the ‘light-bulb’ in the sky slowly disappeared leaving us in pretty flat-light conditions as it started to snow, but we did have enough visibility to travel fairly comfortably. The main event however was the snow, and the snow was wonderful top-to-bottom. The Glacier Pers is such a lovely slope to ski in white-out conditions as it’s wide, smooth, holds no ugly surprises, and when the snow is good you can really let rip. We had a ‘travelling safely in the mountains’ experience on the way out because of the lack of light but it was a great outing on a potentially tricky day. Andreas and Henry returned from an excellent overnight stay at the Refuge des Fours and TJ rested his knee today. I forgot to thank Richard F and Susan for a great drink’s party the other night, Millie and Katie really enjoyed and indulged themselves. It has snowed off and on all afternoon and the wind has got up at times, so we’ll hope for some light and it should be another good day tomorrow. May our roll continue!

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