A stunning Tour du Charvet!

03 February 2013

At 7AM the skies were clear but by ‘show time’ it was starting to mist over with a few flakes of snow floating about. Andreas and I went up Bellevarde and headed straight for the Tour du Charvet, which didn’t have a track anywhere and was a truly magnificent sight! I went left and Andreas went right and it was stunning right from the top, and was superb all the way to the bottom. The top pitch was brilliant, as were the meadows, followed by TJ‘s Shoulder and below, and the last shot down to the traverse was divine. (See photos) It was Baye’s first trip out that way and she was suitably impressed, and it was a wonderful opener for James and Richard who were skiing with Jeremy and James in Andreas’ group. The Manchet Chair wasn’t working and we ended up pushing out, but it was a small price to pay for one of the best Tour du Charvet’s that I can remember for quite some time. After our push we skied off the Mattis in a fog, as by this time our sunshine had disappeared, followed by a lovely run in the lower Combe du Signal, and then a great run in the 3300 as the mist was lifting. Marvellous skiing is about all I can say!

Meanwhile, Thomas had some boarder-boys who need gravity and Thomas obliged with some steep couloirs around Bellevarde and in the Chardonnet. Thomas is still out there as he’s with them all day. (Chris had the day off)

My great friend Pete (who’s responsible for my West Ham problems) took his seven-year-old son Luc to Upton Park yesterday to watch the Hammers for Luc’s first time. Fortunately for Pete West Ham won, the crowd went wild, and Pete’s hoping Luc will now stop going on about Liverpool and will wear his Hammer gear with pride. And I hope Luc didn’t use his new football vocabulary at dinner last night! Well done Pete!

After skiing TJ’s Shoulder and thinking about him during Scotland’s pasting by England yesterday, it reminds me that TJ is coming out on February 23rd and is staying until March 16th. TJ will be ready for business so please let me know if your dates match TJ’s and you’d like to ski with him.

I hope all my North American friends, plus Michael R and Chris and Mikka B, enjoy the Super Bowl tonight as it’s one of the biggest events on the North American sporting calendar. Being an AFC fan I’ll be cheering for the underdog Ravens, but the 49-er’s are going to be tough to beat.

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