Just enough light for a wonderful morning!

04 February 2013

Another 10cm’s of snow fell late yesterday afternoon and during the night and it was just enough to make a difference, especially with the help of the wind. It was a flat-light morning but we had just enough light to ski and navigate comfortably, and everyone was pleasantly surprised with the quality of our morning. In fact, it was excellent! Andreas and I opened up with the Borsat from the top and despite the wind on the ridge the snow was fantastic. From there Chris, Andreas and I all skied the Chardonnet, which wasn’t the same quality but was still pretty jolly good. (We ran into Henry’s team who came in from underneath) We then skied variations of the meadows under the Face Nord of the Balme before heading upstairs to ski a lovely Cairn before finishing up with a cracking Familial. (Chris managed a Combe des Lanches as well and said that the entire ridge-line above had avalanched and he needed to avoid impressive rubble most of the way down.) Thomas was skiing with his lovely wife Muriel this morning and they had a great ski together in much the same neighbourhood as the rest of the team.

Jean had the morning off and I bet he was crying in his red wine last night after the Italians beat the French in their opening Six Nations match. Ouch Jean, that must have hurt! (But it was entertaining for the neutral)

Henry used our photos from yesterday in his live internet broadcast last night. I think it’s Henry’s second transmission of the season and you can check it out on his website. Henry answers questions that come in live and talks about conditions as well as safety, and it’s an excellent addition for his growing audience. Well done Henry and thanks for the mention!

A storm is forecast for tomorrow so we’ll wait and see how bad it is and what effect it has on our skiing. We don’t need a storm as the skiing has been brilliant of late and no one wants any ‘down time’ due to wind. Stay tuned!

And what a Super Bowl result last night. Besides the power failure it must have been a fantastic game, and what a win for the under-dog Ravens.

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