Good light late on helps make the morning!

05 February 2013

Very little fresh snow fell overnight, which meant we needed to find slopes that weren’t skied yesterday afternoon while the sun was shining. Chris, Andreas and I all headed to the Fornet via the Mattis, but Chris decided early on to backtrack towards Bellevarde where the terrain would better suit his clients, while Andreas and I continued on to ski a pretty good Combe du Signal. I then skied one nice run off the Pyramid before changing sectors and heading Bellevarde-way as well. Andreas hung in there and skied a Grand Vallon before coming back to ski the Tour du Charvet while I skied the Kern for the first time this season (first time in twenty-years for Nick) before finishing with a 75-turn pitch in the best snow of the day in the Familial. (Chris and Henry had skied a couple in the Familial by the time I showed up.) We had pretty flat light for the first half of the morning but everyone’s ski finished really well as the sun shone through and the visibility was vastly improved allowing us to pick our snow.

Chris and I worked this afternoon and by the time we got started the weather had deteriorated drastically and it was a pretty rough afternoon as most of the mountain shut down around 3:30. Well done for hanging in there JC and boy was I glad to get home! And well done to Brian who came up from St Foy for his lesson!

Wind and 40cm’s of snow are forecast for this evening so who knows what tomorrow will bring? Stay tuned. (Short one tonight as I’ve been out all day and I’m now about to cook some lamb)

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