'Plan B' but wonderful skiing!

06 February 2013

It was a funny old start to the day this morning as the sky was clear around 7:30AM and I started to get excited, but by the time we left the Gourmandine it had already clouded over and sunglasses were exchanged for goggles. Then we waited for the Olympique to open but fortunately Andreas heard on the Pisteurs channel that a couple of dynamite charges hadn’t exploded and it would take some time to deal with it, so we quietly snuck out of the massive queue and slipped onto the Solaise Express, which meant a change of sector and ‘Plan B’. We started off with the Super L, which was very good indeed and then worked our way up to the Fornet for a couple of excellent runs in the Lower Combe du Signal. After one under the ‘bubbles’ I was just about to change sectors when we found some great skiing down low in the trees where we had a couple of runs before heading upstairs to open the Combe du Signal from the top, which was wonderful.

Chris did change sectors around 11:15 and joined Andreas on Bellevarde where they had some great skiing around the Familial, which has been faithfully terrific of late, and Chris finished with a Fontaine Froide and Epaule du Charvet. (Chris managed to pick up Johnny ‘Alpine’ and Chris A while sneaking out of the queue, which was a good result.) Thomas is working with his wife Muriel with a three-day private, which could include some gastronomic delights. Bon appetit!

I skied with Millie this afternoon and we had a great time skiing off-piste mixed with a few good piste cruises. (Check photos) She was trying out her new slalom skis and was pleased to find out they work in the powder as well. Just like the old days Millie! We arrived home to some stunning muffins, which Katie had baked all by herself. Brilliant Katie!

It’s forecast to get colder and Thomas has promised me a few days of better visibility. I hope you’re right Thomas!

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