Wow, I can hardly believe it!

07 February 2013

I was expecting a decent morning today but I didn’t imagine perhaps the finest day of the season. We skied big impressive slopes all morning long with the snow ranging from wonderful to exceptional. Chris and I headed up Bellevarde first thing into clearer skies and when the Charvet was bathed in sunlight we bee-lined it for the Grand Pre to open up the Tour du Charvet. I skied it last Sunday and felt it was the best tour I’d skied in ten-years, but today it was perhaps the best ever through 31-years here. It was quality top-to-bottom, with sunshine and not a track on the mountain. It just doesn’t get any better snow or ambience-wise! From there headed up the Manchet to ski a fantastic run in the Arcelle followed by two equally good runs in the Marmottons where we cut back as late as safely possible to the chair. After each run I kept wondering, ‘what next?’ but we finished off a terrific morning in style with the Marmottons into the Marmottes. George’s son Alistair was skiing with me for the first time and kept muttering, “awesome” under his breath so I think he was suitably impressed, while Jean was certain it was the best day of the season. (Top 5 anyway)

I took 183 photos and had them cut down to 35 when somehow most of them disappeared from my computer. I had photos of everyone so I apologise to George and Alistair as their photos were amongst those that are floating about somewhere, and my computer skills aren’t good enough to retrieve them. Sorry boys! (Do check photos as I did manage to post a few and Jean took some good one too)

Meanwhile, Thomas was skiing around somewhere behind us and was heading to Tignes for lunch while Andreas took James and Richard down to St Foy to ski the trees. I haven’t heard how they got on but I’m sure they had a fantastic morning with superb snow and they’ll have enjoyed a change in scenery.

Physio Lou is here having a coffee with Gill and it’s great to see her. If you have a niggle don’t hesitate and make sure you go and see her. (047906 0727)

Good luck to Suzanne who’s off for a week to Normandy to check on their Gite. Bonne route Suzanne!

I’m so pumped I don’t care about the forecast so stay tuned for tomorrow adventures!

PS Andreas checked in on his way to serve Vin Chaud for his sins and reported a brilliant day in St Foy skiing the front side. There was no point going over the back and wasting time on buses. Well done boys!

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