Fabulous follow up!

08 February 2013

It was -23C this morning with the wind factor, but the good news was the sun was making an appearance, and after days of in-and-out vis everyone was looking forward to it. And after yesterday’s phenomenal extravaganza, which was always going to be a tough act to follow, the sun at least gave us a chance and the entire team did a great job entertaining the troops.

Chris’s team were adamant about walking this morning so they headed off to ski Mont Roup, which was excellent top-to-bottom. It took Chris some time to cut the trail across the Borsat as the snow was sticky to walk on at -23C, but the skiing was worth it in the end. Andreas started out with a ‘cheeky’ Face du Charvet before circling back towards Tignes via the Little Spatule, Little Lavachet, Sache and then home via the Palafour and Familial. Thomas was behind Andreas going into the Sache and came across a load of randonneurs who couldn’t ski and were traversing back and forth across the lovely big slope. Thomas had a sense of humour failure, as you do in these situations, but I’m sure a good lunch will have sorted him out. Well done boys for following up yesterday with another stunning morning!

As for my team, we warmed up off the Verte and Lower Borsat before heading upstairs to the Motte where the entire sector was totally clean, and my shoulder was in excellent condition. We skied four rotations and during that time not one person followed us in, which is really quite extraordinary, and made me look good! After filling our boots we returned via the Cairn where the lower section was particularly good and then finished off with the Familial, which has been superb all week.

Katie finishes her week of ski scolaire today and they are having a slalom race, which Katie is dreading, mostly because Millie keeps winding her up about it. Good luck Katie and have fun!

Congratulations to Physio Lou’s husband Gav, who passed his test technique this morning. It’s great news for Gavin and we wish him the best for the Euro Test!

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow and a sports report if the Hammers fare well.

PS Sorry I missed you Ian but Jean managed a shot of you.

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