Cold but excellent skiing!

09 February 2013

Yesterday’s sunshine led to the resort being hit hard track-wise and we need to work a little harder for our turns today. Chris and I warmed up off the Verte and Bonnevie’s Drag giving the lifts a chance to open before heading into the Lower Lavachet for an excellent run across the meadows and down through the trees. The snow got better and better so we continued on as far as possible before ‘skinning’ back out. From there we skied a lovely Sachette before finishing up another great morning with the Familial.

Meanwhile Thomas was skiing the Tour du Charvet via the Mont Blanc Couloir and Cugnai and Andreas was skiing all-day starting with the Borsat, Chardonnet, Sachette and then he was planning on heading Thomas’ way this afternoon.

Gill missed the morning as the Club des Sports phoned to say the Millie didn’t have anyone to ski with as her session had been moved to tomorrow, so Gill had to peel out and pick up Millie. The two of them then skied for a couple of hours but Gill said that Millie skis so fast that the wind-chill factor was unbearable and riding the lifts was warmer than the skiing! Burr! Katie skied with the Club this morning but we’ve given her the afternoon off as she has a cold and doesn’t need to make it any worse.

It was jolly cold this morning but we managed the session without seeking shelter, and the temperature did drop as the morning went along. At 9:30 it was -10C on the top of Tommeuses but by 12:45 it had plunged to -18C.

Enjoy your rugby this afternoon and Jean plus the Noble brothers are a little nervous about the French and Scots chances. Good luck boys. I’ve time to relax this afternoon as the Hammers don’t play until tomorrow.

PS. I forgot to mention the Noble brothers, Harry and Ian, who just finished a superb week, complete with some of the best ‘park-and-fly’s’ of the season. So far only Penny and Chris have flown further and landed harder, and they were both ugly!

PSS Victor and Ness stopped by the Gourmandine this morning for a nice chat. It was great to see them and they’re both on top form and looking forward to their ‘Daddy’ day tomorrow!

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