-23C but who cares?

10 February 2013

It was -23C in La Daille this morning so we all put on extra layers and headed to Mont Roup to stay in the sun. Once off the Borsat we started shedding layers and everyone was more than comfortable. The snow was cold enough at that temperature to be slow but we had some good pitches en route to Mont Roup off the Borsat traverse, and Mont Roup itself was superb. I traversed all the way across like we do in the spring to access the combe skiers-left and it was delightful. In fact Jean said he doesn’t remember ever skiing Mont Roup any better than it was today. Chris had Catherine and a lovely new American client Sandy along, and Sandy thoroughly enjoyed the outing. He was a pilot in his working life and has spent time in Calgary over the years on lay-over’s.

After being out for over four-hours in pretty cool temperatures I was starting to feel the cold by the time I arrived home for lunch and looking forward to some warmth, but the first thing I heard when walking in the door was Katie yelling, “Dad, can we ski the Piste Perdue this afternoon?” So after some quick refuelling Gill, Katie and I had a great afternoon with a little off-piste, some good hard piste skiing and two trips down the Piste Perdue. So much for a relaxing afternoon but it was fun. Meanwhile Millie was off having a wonderful time with her Club des Sports group, which has worked out brilliantly for both the girls.

Jonathan dropped off some lamb chops last night from the Taj in Brighton and we enjoyed a feast. I marinated them in garlic, ginger, soya sauce and fresh rosemary, along with potatoes, broccoli, and fried courgette and mushrooms with chillies and garlic. Katie said, “Nice and pink Daddy, just the way I like it!” as she cleaned her bones bare like a cave woman. Well done Katie! Such a meal deserved some nice wine so I opened a bottle of 2002 Vosne-Romanee, 1er Cru Les Suchots. Bliss! Thank you Jonathan and I thought you skied pretty jolly well today!

I’m going to watch the rest of the rugby match and won’t be mentioning the Hammers. Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

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