A wonderful ski at the Fornet!

12 February 2013

After a couple of days of Foehn winds we were expecting more snow towards the Fornet so Chris, Andreas and I all headed in that direction. My team warmed up in the ‘L’, which was perfectly pisted with a few centimetres on top, and very pleasant indeed. From there we dived into the Grand Vallon with Andreas’ team not too far behind, and it was a very nice surprise with a perfectly clean mountain in front of us. It was so good we circled around to ski it again, but this time we continued down to the valley floor. The visibility was pretty good, adding to the experience and allowing everyone to ski positively, which is always appreciated. From there we had a terrific run in the Combe du Signal before heading upstairs to join Chris on the glacier. (Chris had gone straight up via the Combe du Signal) After a great run in the 3300 we then skied an excellent Pays Desert from the top before finishing up with some ‘bonus’ turns on the way home. We were hoping for a good covering of snow but were rewarded with 20 to 30cm’s of wonderful powder and just enough vis to light the way to a fantastic morning.

Gill missed this morning as Millie’s teacher is on strike and the two of them skied with Caroline before Millie went back to have lunch with Caroline’s girls. Katie’s teacher is working so poor Katie had to go to school while her sister had the day off. Bummer Katie but we’ll sneak off for a naughty milkshake at the Billabong Burger Bar!

It’s still snowing lightly at 3:30PM but clearer skies are forecast for tomorrow, so we should be in for another brilliant ski!

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