Another fantastic day at the Fornet!

13 February 2013

We had such a fantastic day in the Fornet yesterday, that Andreas, Chris and I decided on a return visit. I started out in falling snow and flat-light in Henry’s Gulley in the Combe du Signal, which was excellent, but we knew we were heading to sunshine on the Pissaillas and it stayed with us for the rest of the morning. Chris and I skied a very good 3300 before skiing a wonderful Pays Desert, and then we went over the Col Pers for a brilliant ski from top-to-bottom. From the Grand Torsai down was a much appreciated bonus as we had fresh turns all the way down. It was Sandy’s first trip over the Col and he absolutely loved it, like we all still do!

Andreas also had a superb day and went over the Col first thing before coming back up to ski the Vallonnet, followed by something off the top of Bellevarde, where he unluckily got caught in a fog bank. Last I heard he was waiting for it to clear. Thomas was back in action and was skiing all day. He started around the Charvet and Cugnai before working his way towards the Fornet for the afternoon. Good to have you back Thomas!

I skied with Adrian and his 12-year-old son Louis this afternoon, along with 13-year-old Harry. We skied some great snow around the Borsat before finishing with an outstanding Familial. The Familial was ruined by the wind a couple of days ago but out of nowhere it seems to have received about 30 to 40 cm’s. Wow! And bravo boys for a top effort!

Gill took the girls for a ski this afternoon with Caroline and her young 4-year-old daughters Grace and Emilia, and they had a great time. Millie and Katie were into some afternoon powder as well as some jumps and Ness skied with Tansy’s team this morning.

Stay tune for more news tomorrow!

PS It was Jean’s last day until mid-March. I’ll miss you Jean!

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