Happy Valentine's Day!

14 February 2013

We started off with clear blue skies but it was forecast to cloud over as the morning progressed, which is exactly what happened. Chris headed to the Col des Fours while Andreas took his team to the Terre Rouge (Glacier Suspendu), and I’m sure both teams enjoyed superb skiing as both itineraries were waiting to be skied. Bravo boys! Hopefully the boys skied their slopes before the light started to flatten out as it started to go around noon.

Meanwhile, my team had timing commitments with baby-sitters and aeroplanes so I headed up to the Fornet for a more classic-type morning. We had some great snow to warm up with off the Laisinant Express and Thomas’ team were right behind us. I then decided to traverse all the way across the Combe du Signal for the first time and the shoulder on the other side was excellent. Well done Chrissy! From there we joined Thomas in the Pays Desert and the top section had changed drastically overnight after being worked over by the wind. It was still good skiing but slightly ‘educational’ compared to what we’ve been skiing lately. Still, it got better and better lower down and was a good result. Jonathan (bad back) and Chrissy (airplane) peeled out so Patricia, Alistair, Gill and I headed over the Col Pers for an alternative route down, which was clean with great snow. From the Grand Torsai we took my ‘funky’ route down and Thomas came along with his team of Isabella, John, and John. We managed to get Patricia and Alistair back just in time to pick up their 10-month-old baby, so it was a top result all around. (Check photos)

Thomas was just in front of us in the Pays Desert when Thomas was explaining to his clients about what to expect snow-wise and how to try to ski it, and Gill said to me, “ Thomas’ explanation was absolutely perfect!” It was really good work and well done Thomas!

Katie presented me with a lovely hand-made Valentine’s card this morning, which was a great surprise and then Millie gave me a poem that she’d written during her English work session with Gill yesterday. It almost brought tears to my eyes so here it is:

My Daddy is the greatest,
He’s always there for me,
Wherever we go,
he makes it fun to be.

My Daddy’s very sporty,
He really loves to ski,
The other place you’ll find him,
Is on the seventh tee!

My Daddy is the best,
He always makes me laugh,
And when he has a treat,
He’s bound to give me half.

That’s why I love my Daddy,
with every part of me,
He really is a superstar,
Of the very first degree!

Wow, what a way to start the day!

PS I bet Geoff D had fun in Madrid last night!

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