Wonderful sights and snow at the Fornet!

16 February 2013

After a testing day yesterday the sun returned and we had an absolutely stunning morning up at the Fornet. I was skiing with Margaret on her first day since injuring her ankle 7 weeks ago, along with John, and Johnny ‘Alpine’, while Chris was skiing with a delightful couple from Quebec, Manon and Martin. After some lovely snow off the Laisinant Express and the Signal Shoulder, we had a fantastic ski in the Pays Desert. We ‘skinned’ up to access the lower slopes and it was a great ski top-to-bottom, with wonderful views for our Canadians. Margaret peeled out and the rest of us continued on over the Col for an alternative route down, which was ‘clean’ and a nice change. (See photos) It was a terrific morning with brilliant snow and fabulous scenery, and Manon and Martin both loved it. They undersold themselves and told Louise that they were intermediate, but the truth is they ski five-days-a-week at Mont Tremblant, have had race training, and ski beautifully with power and finesse. Bravo and Oh Canada! (Thank you Babette for sending them to us.)

Gill missed this morning as Katie is still ill so she’s out skiing with Laura this afternoon. Katie’s on the sofa watching The Sound of Music while I finish the blog, then I’ll be joining her singing along with Maria as well.

Wils and Rosie arrive tomorrow night along with Viv, Cliff and his two boys, so we’ll be having a bit of a social, which the girls are looking forward to. The resort will be filling up as our blissful period of calm will be coming to an abrupt end with the start of the holidays, and with sunshine forecast for the next few days at least, we’ll be needing to walk pretty much daily. Stay tuned!

PS My camera has had some condensation on the inside of the lens so there are a couple of water spots on the photos, which I apologise for but can’t do much about. Chris suggests a new waterproof camera for next season. Ouch!

PSS Baye emailed to say that Canadians came first and third in the jumping last night. Well done boys!

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