First morning off of the season!

17 February 2013

After 78-straight mornings I finally had one off! I dressed to take the girls powder skiing but Katie was still unwell so I spent the morning doing some Pilates to stretch out and mobilise my back while Katie slept and watched movies. (I also sat in the sun and read my kindle, but I’m missing Shantaram, which was brilliant) Gill and Millie went out for a ski together and Millie was extremely pleased with the new skis she received from Jean Sports yesterday. I took her in to change skis as her coach told her the others were too short, and because I didn’t have my glasses with me I didn’t notice that the new ones were totally brand new GS Racing skis. Merci beaucoup Serge and Didier! Anyway, she loved them!

I did ski this afternoon with Ron and his daughter Doris and we’re skiing together for the next four afternoons. Wils and Rosie’s team arrived this afternoon and we’re looking forward to spending some time together, although I won’t get much of a chance to ski with them.

Chris had a great morning in the Pays Desert this morning with Francisco (friend of Pedro’s from Brazil), Aji, Natasha, Claire, and Simon. Yesterday we had the first tracks out there but Chris said it was hit hard in the afternoon and today he needed to go way out for fresh snow. Thomas was also working today with Philip’s team, who he’ll be skiing with all week.

There you go, short and sweet but I’ll be back in business tomorrow!

PS. I added some photos to yesterday’s that Chris sent me over the past couple of days.

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