A wonderful Crete and Mont Roup!

18 February 2013

I looked out my window around 7:15 to see clouds but thankfully they dispersed by ‘show-time’ and we were left to enjoy a stunning day of sunshine. After debating with myself about where to go this morning I stuck with my plan and was rewarded with a fabulous ski on the Crete du Genepy followed by Mont Roup, and in fact it was as good as I‘ve skied it for quite some time. (Mind you it was jolly good last week as well!) Much of the mountain is now tracked but we managed clean pitches all the way with top quality snow top-to-bottom. (See pictures) It’s starting to heat up now and the sun has enough punch in it to start to ruin the sunny exposures so we were well pleased to get in a great ski before the sun combined with holiday-tracks takes Mont Roup away as an option.

Chris was behind us with his team so I know he had a wonderful day while Andreas had a great morning skiing the Borsat West through the rocks, which wasn’t as hairy to access as he feared, followed by Couloir#3 off the Balme, then the Lavachet before finishing with the Couloir Centrale. Nice one! And Thomas is skiing and boarding with Philip’s family for the week, most of which will be on piste.

My nephew Wils is joining my team tomorrow for his first real off-piste excursion and I’m really looking forward to having him along. We’ve played around in the afternoons over the years but he’s ready now for the skiing, as well as the sights, ambience, and to be part of a team.

I had the pleasure of running into Pat Z this afternoon while swapping places on the bus and he had a huge grin on his face and was obviously pleased with his skiing this morning. I also met Laurent (of Lorenzo’s Couloir) and warned him that TJ was arriving on the 23rd of Feb. See you soon TJ! And I met Rory Campbell who’s doing some race training this week, and I must say he was sporting a seriously scary looking pair of skis. Rock on Rory!

We’re expecting more sun again tomorrow.

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